How Much Does A Video Cost?

There is no set price for a video and how could we? Each video we produce is tailored specifically to the client. Our services are broken down into 4 categories: Corporate, Commercial, Event and Music. Each category utilizes different requirements, services and crew members, so the production of a Corporate video would look and flow differently than an Event video. 

What we do is tailor a quote to the client and the specific type of video they need, so that no one is charged for unnecessary fees and ensured an efficient workflow. 

How Long Does A Production Take?

Similar to our pricing, this is dependent on which video category your project falls into and subject to its individual complexity. On average:

- Corporate: 2 to 3 days

- Commercial: 5 to 10 days

- Event: Duration of event

- Music: 1 - 5 days  

All of these are just averages and are likely to be different depending on the project.  

What's The Average Turnaround?

Generally we deliver the final video - in the requested format - 3 weeks after filming. However, post production and re-do's are a tricky thing and may take longer depending on the scale of the production. We also provide a rush-order service for those who are in a hurry, for an additional fee. 

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use?

Fischbowl Productions has a wide assortment of in-house production equipment. We have cameras ranging from DSLRs to mirror-less to Cinema grade. We also have access to lighting equipment, sound equipment and rigs depending on your requests and needs. 

How Far Do I Have To Schedule In Advance?

Projects should be scheduled 2 weeks in advance to avoid Rush-Scheduling fees. However, we we realize not everything can be foreseen and are willing to work with clients around certain circumstance. 

Can We Hire You For One Production Aspect?

Be it pre-production, production or post-production, we have worked with an array of clients on fulfilling only one of these aspects. Here are some of the individual services we can provide:

- Concept Construction Consultation

- Screenwriting 

- Storyboard 

- Directing

- Camera Operating

- Editing 

- Color Correcting

What Do I Do If I Have Questions Not On This Page?


We're always willing to help! If your question isn't on our FAQ page email us at and we'll do our best to answer them all.