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\\A Little Bit About Us//


Fischbowl Productions LLC is an Atlanta based full-service production company that provides cinematic visual narratives for our clients. Be they artists, musicians,  corporations, creators, innovators or just someone with a wild idea - our mission is to provide customizable, original, cinematic content to anyone. 

Fischbowl will help you thread the narrative both visually and contextually for any creative project.

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\\Giving Life To Your Ideas//


Let's be honest for a minute. Everyone wants to stand out. To be different. Special. But too often we copy.
And as the great Picasso put it:

"Good artist's copy, great artist's steal."

So to stand out, we can't continue to use the same molds over and over again. We take what works, and reconfigure it to stand out. We make it original. We have to be conceptually fluid and visually literate.
Because we can all be good. But let us focus on making you great.


What Fischbowl does is create a personal mold for your project. We recognize that every field may have it's general  structures and tropes,  but that does not mean each project should be approached in the same way - only with the same amount of creativity and care!

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Fischbowl Productions LLC is here to help your production from beginning to end.
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