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Fischbowl Productions LLC is a video production company founded and located in Atlanta, GA. Our goal is to work with clients in niche fields of their industry and offer them quality videos and customized service on par with those from larger companies. Fischbowl Productions LLC prides itself in its creative consultation and creative customization options: while most production companies spend little time with their clients to churn out as many videos as possible, we aim to carefully craft the specific look you need to help you and your product succeed. Fischbowl Productions LLC is your personal tailor for reeling in visual value. 


With pre-production , production and post-production services ranging from creative consulting & screenwriting to editing & color-correction, there is no other production company capable of delivering the same level of visual value, creative craft, and selective service across the board. 


Kilian Fischer is the founder, owner and head creative director at Fischbowl Productions LLC.  With a Bachelor of the Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA, and experience working on feature films and independent shoots, he possesses a wide range of theoretical, technical and practical knowledge. His BA is in screenwriting and he has years of experience in the other departments, ranging from camera to production design. 




Our Services


Creative Consulting

We offer creative consulting of the highest level. With our employees' experiences and backgrounds in the visual arts, Fischbowl Productions LLC will help you map out any creative idea from its inception to its completion. 


Fischbowl Productions LLC professionally writes and formats scripts for your production using programs such as CeltX and FinalDraft. 


Fischbowl Productions LLC offers its directorial services for any project; we happily lend our experienced, creative directors to steer your project in the direction you envision.


Fischbowl Productions LLC offers the services of their in-house videographers, all of whom have experience handling cameras (DSLR, C-series, BMCCs), camera lenses (Canon, Rokinon, etc.) and offer a wide range of operational and technical knowledge in their field. 


Fischbowl Productions LLC offers its post-production services to anyone seeking professional level editing (using either Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and including color correction with DaVinci Resolve 11). We provide an original approach to the cutting of your visual project. 


Music Videos & Live Performance videos

For any indie and/or small label bands looking to add some marketable visuals to their music, Fischbowl Productions LLC offers all the missing pieces. We have worked with artists from all genres, ranging from bluegrass to rap. Our in-house equipment facility allows for more diverse, creative shots framed to compliment the music.

COMmercials & Promo videos

If your company profile does not compete at the level of other companies, Fischbowl Productions LLC is your ticket to standing out visually. Our videos are bound to put your company on the map with their quality and originality.

Wedding Videography & Photography (coming soon...)

Fischbowl Productions LLC is currently developing its wedding ceremony branch to capture the magical moments of your special occasion in such a manner that you will want to watch and relive it many times over. 




Fischbowl Productions LLC also offers and contracts specialized services that may benefit your production. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Location scouting
  • Production Design
  • Makeup & Costume
  • Scoring and/or Music Licensing 
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